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Working With Rhiannon

Do I Need A Life Coach? Podcast - Rhiannon

Choosing your coaching program is all about personal choice. While a coach-client relationship is not meant to be a 'long-term' commitment (because a coach will help you get to the next level you desire in your life and be self-sufficient enough to sustain it - this is Rhiannon's aim anyway!), it is important to note that the program duration reflects the level of support you think you need right now. 

So... if it's a quick recalibration and a few shifts you need and you'll be good to go - then Transition is the program for you. If you're looking to do some deep work, get focused and define your direction, and you're firmly on the fence about which direction you're headed in - Transform is your ideal option.


If you have no idea, you're stuck, you're sad, frustrated and restless, then have a look at Transcend. Transcend is an all-encompassing program that will strip back the layers of junk piled on you by society/family/others over years and years, to get to the heart of what your inner voice is trying to tell you. From that place, we'll expand and strategise to refine where you want to go, and we'll support you for just 12 months while you begin the journey to get there (I say 'just' because in the grand scheme of your whole life, 12 months is a blip on the radar really, isn't it?!). 

If any of these programs peak your interest or if you have questions and are curious, let's start with a chat.

"Thank you for the space that you have created, so that I feel comfortable enough to be open, honest, question life in a way that I have never felt comfortable in doing so before and am free to write my story, wholly and completely from here." - Bek, 2023

Coaching Programs

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