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I've worked with many clients in a mentoring, training and coaching capacity for a variety of reasons - sales, business restructuring, CX Management, addiction, goal achievement, or a general lack of direction and indecision.

There is no cookie-cutter approach. The "tried and tested" coaching methods need to be tailored specifically to you - because there's nobody else like you. Here are some messages from clients I've helped get the results they've been looking for.

What Our Clients Say

There is no cookie-cutter approach to the way I work with my clients. The "tried and tested" needs to be tailored specifically to you - because there's nobody else like you, experiencing what you're experiencing. Here are some messages from clients I've helped - whether it be in sales coaching, personal coaching, training or mentoring. I've helped people succeed. Are you ready to do the same?

Damien joined SYS6 (my sales coaching program) in November of 2020 and was struggling to close sales confidently and develop his own sales process. Here's his story.
"Yesterday our agency closed a $50k/year deal with a new client who came through our FB ads last week. Officially our biggest client, and an extra 20% in revenue in one hit! Thanks to the awesome help of Rhiannon & Damien I have been changing my sales approach to be more helpful and authentic, less "salesy" and also less confusing/overwhelming for the prospect in terms of information overload.
It's now a lot more about letting the prospect talk themselves into it, showing them what we've got, and holding their hand through it, not trying to drag them along...The prospects now seem far more engaged and excited, less confused, and I don't feel pushy or inauthentic. This also seems to have shortened our sales cycle a lot as these guys signed on in under a week, and we have another high-end prospect very likely to close this week too, who came through our funnel at the same time! Just want to say thanks to you guys for your awesome work, and keep doing what you're doing."

More Client Stories

Nick Davies.PNG


Before I began training with Rhiannon I was confident in how I wanted to lead my small team of 10 employees.

Rhiannon helped me identify different strategies to get the most out of my staff which has allowed me to step back from micromanaging all my staff.


This has allowed me to focus on making more sales while still delivering an awesome product.


If you a having staff issues or struggling with sales then I highly recommend Rhiannon.

Luke Morgan.jpg


I would recommend absolutely everyone to Rhiannon and the Excel Leadership Team! This would not only be for sales, but for any endeavour where a success mindset is key.


I don't think any more needs to be said other than the week after I finished our last session, I was our company’s #1 Sales Rep.

Ethel Adamson.jpg


I have been completing the tasks and it has worked wonders, thank you!

I've won about $430k give or take in the last 4 weeks (my biggest job that I've won to date was last week, worth $270k).

I've also had a lot of praise from the General State Manager and the Executive General Manager.  It's nice to get credit and I was even gifted a nice bottle of Moet!


Thank you so much with what you've already helped me achieve.

Marble Surface


I've been working on a proposal for the past 2 weeks which has been a bit mysterious, but he turned out to be a million-dollar client!!!


I went through all my usual thought patterns about it being just luck etc, but was quickly able to see that it's actually because of the very strong relationship I've built with the fund manager over the last couple of years. That bit is definitely thanks to you!

Sarah Paterson.jpg


Awesomeness - loved the blend of theory and real-world application [working example] and really loved the pace! I appreciated the demonstrations of tonality and pause, the real voice behind a message.


I am a scripter yet this demonstrated how to make it sound unscripted - authentic. I was familiar with the behavioural science behind the pitch, having been coached with this in mind and I have been on the receiving end of it but now I feel that I have the whole story to deliver it.


I am now more confident with my own product, being able to narrow down the niche and I can see what it is that I offer is a specialisation!


I will enjoy pitching from now!

Tim Cramer.jpg


Rhiannon has such a beautiful gift, having the ability to be able to adapt and create instant rapport.


From the first time I spoke to Rhi, I could feel her belief in me and that I could genuinely enhance my life, in which I have done so. Such a beautiful soul, so much wisdom and such a positive attitude. Forever grateful.

Sean Street.jpg


Rhiannon is an awesome coach! She comes from the heart and isn't afraid to tell you what it is that you need to hear. I have had several very powerful conversations with Rhiannon and she always over-delivers!

I have also had the absolute pleasure to be in the training room with Rhiannon more than once and the light and energy that she brings to the room is beautiful and contagious. She goes out of her way to boost those around her and she takes that same energy into her coaching sessions.

If you are looking for an amazing coach who will listen to what you want and then help you to get there with care and support, Rhiannon is the coach for you!

Jeremy Hanlon Testimonial Pic.jpg


Rhiannon assisted me when times were tough. I was struggling in relationships and with work, she help me see many different sides to the issues that I was facing, Rhiannon listen to me with an open heart and helped me draw out the answers that I needed to find within.


Her skills were profound and 2 months on I couldn’t be in a better place in all areas on my life, I am now able to move forward knowing when life is out of balance and I am better equipped to make decisions that are healthier for me and I no longer have some old patterns and behaviours that were holding me back.. I would highly recommend Rhiannon for any issues that may be causing you unrest.

Meghan Testimonial Pic.JPG


I was not sure what to expect when I started the life coaching process with Rhi. All I knew was that I was feeling directionless and stuck in a rut. Rhi helped me look below the surface to see what driving my current feelings and to see what was really important to me.


It was challenging but Rhi was very supportive, she made it feel a safe and even at times fun process where I could explore all my thoughts and concerns. I now have a much clearer direction to help guide me as I head into the future.

Simonne Power Testimonial Pic.jpg


Sometimes being strong means being able to cry, and sometimes moving on means being strong enough to let go.” Out of the many things I got out of my sessions with Rhi this is probably the most important.


I have the ability to handle certain situations with a different approach, I have been able to let go of years or anger and guilt for things that were out of my control and I feel 100% happier for it. I was a bit sceptical when I first found out what Life coaching was but I walked out of my first session feeling like I could take on the world! Thank you Rhiannon you will never fully know what you have done for me.

Antony Isaias Liquid Learning Testimonial LinkedIn.jpg


Rhiannon - WOW! I engaged Rhiannon to be the chairperson at Liquid Learning's 4th Women in Operations Leadership Summit. I've run many professional corporate events and Rhiannon is one of the most inspiring, pleasant and energetic people I've had the pleasure to work with.


As our MC, she expertly channelled our audience's energy into real engagement and connectivity with our speakers and brand. As a professional she's approachable and can be flexible to suit any requests or challenges that arose. She brought out insights that may have been missed and for that I cannot recommend her enough. I can't wait to work with Rhiannon again.

Ellie Hinder.jpg


Where do I even start! I found Rhiannon at a time when I was very lost. I lacked direction and motivation. I was definately not my best self. Rhiannon honestly changed my life. Her coaching style is wholesome and real.


She helped me move through so many hard bumps in the road. I feel honoured to have had the opportunity to work with such a brilliant power house. I have been non stop recommending her to everyone. More people need to have the opportunity to work through their hardships in life or moving towards their goals at a faster pace and I could not have found a better person to help me through. Thankyou so much Rhi!



Rhiannon has a warm and beautiful energy! She is extremely personable and can instantly connect with her clients! So if your are feeling stuck reach out to her so can she can help you move forward!

Marble Surface


I have loved every single conversation I've had with Rhiannon. In addition to being warm, friendly and supportive, she is also knowledgeable, patient and client focused.

Marble Surface


This weekend was AMAZING. Our coach Rhiannon was engaging and motivating. As a trainer/assessor I am quite critical of other's and their delivery but she had me engaged throughout. Even though the days were long I was never uninterested in what she was explaining.


The content was delivered using fantastic resources and mediums so was never boring and incredibly informative and enlightening.. I was enthusiastic about his new adventure before but now I'm about to split a stich haha. Great to engage with and meet other coaches and really looking forward to developing those relationships. Honestly - couldn't be happier!!

Marble Surface

Brand building training with Rhiannon was a stand out. It will give me the edge over other people and will challenge me. Rhiannon was amazing.

So engaging and packed with tangible skills to immediatley apply in our lives. I will be recommending Rhiannon to our business, I am certain we have much more to learn from her about becoming a high performing teaam and overcoming our own unconscious bias.

Personal brand training with Rhiannon was an eye opener, especially in the synergy between  customer and our organisation.

Brand training with Rhiannon today was insightful. To a point, I rarely think of my brand for myself. Usually only our business brand. It opened my eyes a little more about me as a leader as well as us as an organisation.

Rhiannon was absolutely fabulous. The content really resonated with me, having a passion for behavioural science.

Leadership Brand training with Rhiannon has got me thinking about building my brand. It has shifted to being something more of a personal aura/legacy and how it can drive personal growth.

Rhiannon was my trainer. She was awesome! Full of knowledge, experience and above all enthusiasm! LOVE her to bits! Great at executing the training, very articulate and clear with her instructions and guidance.

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