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The Do I Need A Life Coach? podcast is your comprehensive guide to understanding the core elements of life coaching—its definition, purpose, ideal timing, target audience, and operational intricacies. Whether you're new to the concept of life coaching, well-versed in the industry, or even a certified life coach, these episodes provide valuable insights and hands-on exploration of practical tools. Tune in to discover the true value of life coaching and how it can significantly benefit you.


My name is Rhiannon

I've been a part of the coaching industry since 2015. It's a space I love. It's one I've contributed to, I've thrived within and at times, also felt hard-done by.

If you have any level of curiosity about life coaching or the industry, welcome!


You may be new to the life coaching space, or have ample exposure, or you may be

  • considering getting a life coach

  • curious about life coaching

  • a qualified life coach already

I'll answer all of your questions and provide you with tools you can use immediately to test for yourself before opening your wallet.

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