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Do I Need a Life Coach? Podcast

About Rhiannon

A little over 5 years ago I had no money, no job, no partner, I was overweight and suffering from panic attacks. Honestly, I was completely lost. Fast-forward to now and my life is unrecognisable. I've met the love of my life and we have two beautiful children together, a newly renovated house we own most of and thriving businesses (yes, multiple). I attribute all of this to life coaching.


Oh and we frequently travel! That photo (above) is of me on White Haven Beach in the Whitsundays. My little ones are crawling around my feet and soon after I took this selfie-style, I went snorkeling on the reef with the turtles and watched humped-back whales breaching from our charter boat! Magic!

I've always been ambitious and dedicated to my own growth - in both my corporate consulting professional life, and my personal life. I aim to find fulfilment in who I am and what I do, everyday. I'm here to help you do the same. 

""In every situation, you have an opportunity to view it in a way that degrades you or empowers you. What you choose will always determine the outcome you get."



My mission is to improve the lives of people at work and to add value wherever I go. I want to have a positive, ecological impact.


By having a positive, ecological impact I mean that it's a win-win-win scenario: for myself, those around me, my clients, their family, friends, colleagues, network and for the entire coaching industry.​

I believe it's important to reverse engineer your approach from the solution you want at the end. This way, you can be as full-proof as possible to ensure everybody is brought along on the journey and that everybody gains something valuable.

Why Listen To Me?

My Life Coaching Timeline

The Life Coaching College

I generated a lot of money for the school by signing up as many students as possible to complete their training in life coaching, just as I had done. After experiencing such incredible, life-changing training, the best way I knew how to pay it forward was to help others get started and to sign up themselves.


The Life Coaching College

I studied a Masters of Leadership and Executive Coaching at The Life Coaching College, founded by Glen Murdoch. During this time, I was trained in NLP, Hypnosis, Matrix Therapies, Foundations of Coaching, Leadership Coaching and more. I was trained by incredibly talented, passionate professionals who I believe uphold and maintain the standards within the life coaching industry.



Life Coaching
My Own Practice 

On the 13th June, 2016 I conducted my first paid one-to-one coaching session. I have had paid clients ever since. Sometimes it has sustained me full-time, other times I have needed to return to paid work to supplement my income or experience some diversity in my working life. Regardless, to this day, I have generated well over $100k from coaching clients and I will continue to coach for the unforeseeable future.


Sales Coaching
My Own Practice 

I launched my Sales Coaching program, SYS6. Designed, originally, to help life coaches starting their own business charge adequately, my clients consisted of business owner-operators across a diverse range of industries. I worked with them and their staff on a variety of problems - sales, staffing, structures and acted as a sounding board for quicker decision making.

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